Woven Glass evocatively captures the spirit of your event through photography & video.





Photography is a way to document our everyday lives. Trips, moments, & experiences fuel our creativity. Keep up with our travels to see our work!



From popcorn to lollipops, we make sure that your product shines! Whether it's for your webpage or social media, you'll love having gorgeous photos to share.



Engagements, weddings, maternity photos - we do it all! We'll make sure that any special moment is recorded for your enjoyment for years to come.



David has a vibrant personality with diverse interests.  His senior photos were taken in Downtown Duluth, where the colorful buildings paired perfectly with his adventurous spirit and love of activity!



Adventures in Northern California


When you have the chance to go backpacking during Spring Break, take it.



Wandering Through North Georgia


Helen is full of unique architecture, wonderful food, and beautiful Christmas lights in late December.  Surrounded by a cascade of mountains and blue stars overhead, it makes the perfect romantic getaway.



Stories With Sound


A picture may say a thousand words, but a single minute of video can put you back in a place and time that meant so much to you. We have writing chops and videography expertise to make your dreams come true. Below are examples of both.



Cast & Crew:
Ciaran Flake - Captain, Director, Producer, Set Designer
Amanda Turner - Editor, Script Supervisor, Set Designer
Sonny Pimentel - Cinematographer, Editor
Audrey Stadler - Actor, Editor
Elizabeth Allen - Production Designer, Screenwriter
Jack Robert Bishop - Actor, Script Supervisor
Amanda Ake - Composer, Violinist
Miranda Lotufo - 1st Assistant Director, Gaffer