Experiential Storytelling and Screencraft


I am an Atlanta native, currently studying film downtown at Oglethorpe University. I excel in developing excellent characterization & unique concepts in screenplays. I also ghost write for others, helping them develop and communicate their own ideas. I cut my teeth on screenwriting with a submission for Campus MovieFest that won a Jury Award. I haven't stopped since.

In keeping with my love of staring at screenplay formats, I love looking through the camera lens. I have photographed and filmed for weddings, camps, & businesses. The key ingredients I bring are a natural eye for composition & an instinct for great stories. These two gifts are united in my ability to capture moments in a beautiful way, whether through video or still photography.



Screenwriter - winner at oglethorpe cMf

Spaceboy forgoes the opportunity to see events in the future when he falls in love with a Cowgirl, but he still dreams of the other times and other spaces. Every dream is a different meeting between them, where the stars align to keep them together...all except this one.

The Art of the Toothbrush

creator - student project at oglethorpe

Creating an engaging "how-to" video requires more than mere information - it takes structure, ingenuity and creativity to show every step of the process.  Almost everyone knows how to brush their teeth, but watching a video about it doesn't need to be routine.

I'll Keep You Safe

An iconographic piece

Gluten-Free Cooking

a documentary

I'm a right-brained thinker in the Atlanta area who loves travel, tea, and telling stories.  I tinker with music, photography, film, and other art projects, but what I do best is spin words.  I write novellas, novels, and poetry, but my current obsession is screenplays.  I thrill when I hit the pacing in a script that audiences will innately, unconsciously sense when they watch the film.  I love the visual mode of storytelling, and I love watching written worlds come to life on film sets.

I'm Liz Kirkwood, and I tell stellar stories.